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Family law and identity theft

From back child support to issues involving property division, family law challenges can impact people in all sorts of ways. Sometimes, these problems even involve violations of the law, in which case it is pivotal for victims to know their legal rights. For example, someone who is facing a family law dispute with their child’s other parent or their ex-spouse may become a victim of identity theft, which has become increasingly problematic in the digital age.

Identity theft can become a reality for those who have gone through family law challenges for different reasons. For example, someone may feel as if they need to get revenge on their former spouse and choose to open a credit card in his or her name or steal funds from an account. This can be particularly problematic because those who used to be close to another person, such as a former marital partner, may have many kinds of personal information at their disposal. For example, they could have birthdates, social security numbers, financial account details, and other types of information that can be misused. Moving on from a toxic marriage or struggling with problems related to child support can be very hard. Sadly, someone who becomes a victim of identity theft at the hands of their former spouse may face additional hardships.

Is your husband hiding assets from your divorce?

If you and your husband face divorce, you may have very real reasons to suspect he may try to hide assets from the divorce process. Especially if he was the primary income contributor in the household, you may have a significant claim against a number of his assets, some of which he may try to keep off the property division table.

While not every divorcing husband does this, it is more common than you might think -- and make no mistake, hiding assets from divorce is generally illegal, and may even result in criminal charges if your husband doubles down on this foolish behavior and gets caught doing so.

DUI charges and Halloween celebrations

People find themselves facing DUI charges in a number of circumstances, whether they are driving home from a bar or a family get-together. However, some people are accused of this offense during holidays, such as Halloween. If you were accused of driving under the influence during Halloween, you need to carefully go over your rights immediately, since these charges can have a significant impact on your future in numerous ways. In addition to the immediate consequences, such as the loss of driving privileges and fines, DUI charges could affect you in the years ahead. For example, you might struggle to find employment in a certain line of work or be denied entry into a country.

On Halloween, there are an array of ways in which people can drive drunk accidentally. Sometimes, people have a mixed drink at someone's house while their child is trick-or-treating. Unfortunately, the alcohol content in these drinks is not always clear and can lead to someone being over the legal limit unknowingly. People also get behind the wheel after drinking at costume contests, parties their friends are hosting, and other celebrations. However, these charges can have dire consequences regardless of the way that someone became intoxicated or the reason they were driving over the legal limit.

Child support and seasonal affective disorder

All sorts of challenges may arise for those who have fallen behind on their child support or are not receiving what they are owed. From arrest to financial problems and other challenges, there are many ways in which back child support makes life hard. However, certain life experiences and health issues can make these matters even more difficult, such as seasonal affective disorder. If you have SAD and you owe child support, for example, you may find yourself having an even harder time staying current during darker months. At the same time, if you are owed child support, missed payments could have even more of an emotional impact on you during winter months.

Sometimes, people may not realize how conditions such as seasonal affective disorder can affect their lives. For example, if you have SAD, it could interfere with your performance at work and ultimately affect you financially. In some cases, this could lead to a chain of events that result in someone becoming delinquent on the child support they owe, which can generate even more depression and negative emotions. If you are facing these hurdles, you should not allow seasonal affective disorder to disrupt your life any more, if you are able to.

Domestic violence and the divorce process

Whether your spouse is claiming that you abused someone in the family or you are a victim of domestic violence yourself, there are a wide range of ways this can affect you as you make your way through the process of ending your marriage. For example, you may not be able to work with a mediator or move forward with a collaborative divorce. Moreover, your emotions may run particularly high while you are moving through the process of divorce.

We are very familiar with the different divorce challenges that people may encounter when they are accused of domestic violence or are a victim. For example, these allegations can have a negative impact on someone who wishes to have custody of their children or visitation rights, even if the accusations are unfounded and were put forward by someone who wishes to gain an edge. On the other end of the spectrum, someone who has been subjected to abuse may be too fearful to speak up for themselves, whether they decide not to end their marriage or remain silent in court.

Divorce and retirement

For some people, retirement can be challenging for a myriad of reasons. Sometimes, people have a hard time adjusting to their new daily schedule or simply miss working. However, there are additional problems that some people face which can make this transition even more complicated, such as divorce. Sometimes, people decide to end their marriage in anticipation of life changes that will occur once they stop working, while others may find themselves in divorce court because their spouse decided to file for a divorce once they stopped working. Regardless, we know that it is particularly important for those who have recently retired or plan to retire soon to approach divorce issues with care.

Retirement can affect your life in all sorts of ways and the same is true for divorce. After you stop working, your income may change as well as your daily habits and even the people you spend time with. As a result, you should take all factors into consideration when approaching the end of your marriage, such as the potential way that marital property will be split up, child support or alimony payments you may be responsible for, the way in which your retirement accounts could be affected, and any other relevant matters.

Social media and family law matters

We know that those who are struggling with challenges related to family law may have different problems to work through. Sometimes, a parent may be worried about losing access to their child after a custody dispute, while others are concerned about their ability to afford child support payments. In Hickory, and all over North Carolina, family law issues can be even more difficult to work through as a result of social media. In fact, social media activity can do more than just generate additional stress and drama. In some cases, it could have an impact on the outcome of a case.

If you are upset, you may want to reconsider sharing certain types of information online. On the other hand, if your spouse has posted something that is very damaging and untrue, you may want to consider taking action. Ending a marriage can be incredibly tough and often leads to very strong emotions for everyone involved. However, it is important to be careful with what you decide to post online and try to take steps to minimize the emotional toll of divorce.

Handling false domestic violence accusations

For those who are in relationships, numerous challenges may arise. On this blog, we have covered some of the family law problems that people encounter in Hickory and across North Carolina, whether they have a hard time paying child support or are involved in a dispute regarding child custody. However, domestic violence allegations can affect some couples, married or not. If you have been falsely accused of intimate partner violence, our law firm knows how challenging this can be on various levels.

For starters, domestic violence accusations can utterly destroy your reputation. Your standing in the community and among friends and family members may be completely changed after you are accused of domestic violence, even if you are innocent. Moreover, you may face harsh penalties including time in prison and fines. In fact, you could even run into trouble in the future when you are trying to find a job.

How to prepare yourself for divorce

If you come to realize that divorce is the only way to solve your marital problems, there's something you need to do: Turn your attention to the future.

There are many steps you can take to prepare yourself for divorce, with the following among the most important:

  • Review your financial situation. This includes everything from your assets to your debts to the amount of cash you have in the bank. The more information you collect up front, the easier it is to avoid trouble in the future.
  • Open your own accounts. Once you know that the divorce process is coming soon, you need to open your personal accounts. At the minimum, this should include a bank account and maybe a credit card account. Remember, these should only be in your name.
  • Make changes to your estate plan. When married, your spouse may have been your beneficiary. Now that you are going through a divorce, you probably want to change this. At the very least, you should review your estate plan to see if immediate changes are necessary.
  • Turn your attention to your children. As you prepare yourself for divorce, you also need to protect your children. This means keeping their best interests in mind at all times, while also learning more about child custody and support.

Handling family law matters during an illness

All sorts of challenges can make it even more difficult for people to work through family law issues, from the loss of a parent to unexpected financial hardships or problems at work. However, those going through an illness may have a particularly difficult time dealing with various family law issues, from child support modification to filing for divorce and working through a dispute involving the custody of children. Our law firm is committed to working with people who are struggling with this in Hickory, North Carolina.

From serious illnesses such as a cancer diagnosis to the seasonal flu, those who are struggling with various health conditions and ailments may have a tougher time dealing with family law for various reasons. Aside from feeling under the weather and having less energy, being sick could also divert peoples' attention from their case, whether they are concerned about their future or are busy trying to manage their illness. Depression is another potential problem area and other illness-related setbacks, such as being unable to sleep at night, can further complicate things.

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