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How common is speeding?

From driving while intoxicated by alcohol or drugs to failing to yield, traffic offenses take many forms. However, drivers sometimes find themselves facing charges after they are pulled over for speeding. From unlawful road races to simply driving a few miles over the speed limit on accident, the details from one incident to another often vary. Moreover, these offenses could interfere with your ability to drive, which could make it hard for you to take care of daily responsibilities, such as getting to and from your job.

The costs of underage drinking and driving

Drunk driving is problematic enough on its own, but when the driver is also underage, the severity of the issue is only furthered. Each state can enforce different laws concerning drinking and driving, and North Carolina is one that takes a zero tolerance stance against drivers who are under the legal age and nevertheless drink and drive. In some ways, North Carolina underage drinking laws can also be stricter than other states.  

Tiger Woods DUI highlights prescription drug use while driving

Memorial Day is certainly memorable for some. For PGA golfer Tiger Woods, it will be remembered for all the wrong reasons. His early morning arrest in Florida for DUI teed off the week's headlines and raised important points about driving under the influence of prescription drugs. When a celebrity gets involved in anything, the situation is always more complicated - and Woods' arrest is no different. What can we learn from it?

Standardized field sobriety tests: Can you pass?

In any exam where you know you will either pass or fail, it can cause some anxiety. However, when you are pulled over by North Carolina law enforcement and instructed to perform some roadside tests, your driver’s license and more could be at stake. AAA provides this information about standardized field sobriety tests.

Combating license revocation with responsible driving

Owning and driving a vehicle provide significant freedom and convenience, but that privilege demands your attentiveness and responsibility. If you are one of the thousands of drivers in North Carolina, you can avoid the consequences of having your license revoked by simply driving safely. At Cody Law Firm, we understand how to resolve issues in traffic court.

Understanding the effects of alcohol

Many North Carolinians have a drink or two at a party, or enjoy a beer with friends at a picnic. In fact, as the American Addiction Centers notes, alcohol is often considered a social lubricant that allows people to ignore inhibitions and do things they would not normally do.  Although it creates feelings of pleasure and makes them feel happier, this is only in the short term, as the effects it has on the brain are directly related to whether a person’s blood alcohol content is still increasing, or if it is on the decline.

What is the jail diversion program?

In North Carolina, if you or someone you know is suffering from mental illness and ends up in legal trouble, then you could qualify for the jail diversion program. The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services explains that this program is designed to provide an alternative sentencing option for criminal charges against individuals with mental illnesses. Under this program, a person who is being charged with a crime and who has also been diagnosed with a mental condition can seek help instead of being incarcerated.

Are restraining orders effective?

Each year, North Carolina law enforcement issue several restraining orders to people in a variety of circumstances. If you have been looking into a restraining order as a solution to ongoing harassment, concern about your well-being or other circumstances, you may be wondering if your effort will be worth the outcome.

What is a habitual felon?

The most basic definition of a habitual felon is someone who has been convicted of at least three felony charges. However, it is a bit more complex than that. According to the North Carolina General Assembly, these felony convictions need to have happened after you turned 18 years old and should occur on three separate occasions. For example, if you were charged with three felony counts for one crime, that would only count as one felony conviction towards the habitual felon charge.

A DUI could jeopardize your job

Getting arrested for driving under the influence is more than just an evening's embarrassment, the effects of a DUI can haunt you for weeks, months or even years. Unlike say, a speeding ticket, you can't always just pay a fine for a DUI conviction and move on. You will have to go to court and you may lose your driving privileges or be handed a jail sentence, which could impact many other aspects of your life.

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