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Meet Attorney Blair Cody

My law office, Cody Law Firm of Hickory, North Carolina, is known throughout our region as a resource for people who face difficult legal challenges and need quality representation.

I'm Blair Cody. I have helped thousands of people resolve serious problems in family law, criminal defense and personal injury work. Many lawyers look for the easiest way to wrap up a case and go on to the next. There is nothing wrong with a negotiated settlement if the terms are acceptable to you, and I will always defer to your wishes. But I am also a litigator at heart, confident in my ability to deliver the most satisfactory results possible.

Meet Associate Attorney Heather Higgins

I'm Heather Higgins. My highest priority is to make it clear to those who wish to work with me, that I am both an attorney and a counselor at law. I want to assist and counsel you through some of the toughest times in your life and help you relieve the burden of any legal situation you might be going through. From litigating within the courtroom, to navigating through the multitude of other steps along the way I am with my clients till the end, to produce the best possible outcome.

Looking Out For Your Best Interests

Any lawyer can agree to the first offer the other side may make. But if we can do better, I will always recommend that course of action to you. If that's the kind of attorney you want in your corner, I hope you will pick up the phone and call my office.

I am just one member of the Cody Law Firm team. Joining me are paralegals Cyndy Adams, Crystal Krapish, and Dilmun Holsclaw. Together we work to bring you top-quality representation in the issues that matter most.

For more information about me and my practice here in Hickory, check out my profile link below.

Standing up for your rights is not easy, but it's easier when you have talented and experienced counsel working with you. For more information, call Hickory family law lawyer Blair Cody at Cody Law Firm at 828-358-2776, or write him using this online form