Client Testimonials

DWI & Criminal Testimonials

"For many years I tried to get my case done. I spent thousands of dollars and even went to law school in order to help myself. I had a deep mistrust of lawyers after the way my old lawyer handled my case. Each time, I failed. Then I hired Mr. Cody, and everything changed. He treated me with respect, kept me in the loop, and fought like hell to win my case. Win, lose, or draw, Mr. Cody is the best attorney you can get."


Removal from Sex Offender Registry- Granted 9/3/19

"I sincerely thank you for handling my DWI case for the past 2 years. The outcome was what I had prayed for. You are a brilliant attorney & are very familiar with NC law/. The "hail Mary" at the end was very unexpected, but just what I needed to walk away a free woman, with no [insurance nor license] points and no jail time to serve. I am grateful from the bottom of my heart with the outcome. Thank you & Crystal for all of your expertise throughout the process. Crystal is a shining star on your team & worth her weight in gold. You are fortunate to have her as your paralegal."

--M. D.

VD; PG TO Reckless Driving- PJC; Costs Remitted 6/27/19

"Mr. Cody was my second attorney in this matter; wished he would’ve been my first!! [He’s] probably the most aggressive lawyer that I have ever had! I would suggest anyone looking for a god (best) DWI lawyer, to at least talk with him!"

--J. W.

VD on 1/30/19

"Blair Cody represented me in my DWI legal matter. Mr. Cody was thorough and advised me on what was best for me. He was able to get my case heard quickly which stopped the blood test, since I pled guilty. Everyone at his firm was very helpful and also thorough. I highly recommend Blair E. Cody, III."

--D. H.

PG on 2/14/19; Blood Not Tested

"I was extremely pleased with Blair Cody's representation in my matter, and also with the better than-anticipated result. Starting with the initial visit, Blair was very thorough in his approach. He spent approximately two hours on that first visit going over every aspect of my case. After that, he kept me informed relative to what was required of me (very little), and how things were progressing. It proved to be somewhat lengthy process, but the end result was worth the wait. I would recommend Blair Cody as legal counsel to all of my family and friends."

--K. L.

VD on 3/29/19

"I would personally recommend Blair Cody as an outstanding, and exceptionally affective lawyer. I had a rather arduous case that was over a year old and stagnant. My previous lawyer made no leeway and I was not hopeful towards my situation to say the least. I was referred Mr. Cody and wish I had gone with him from the beginning of my legal troubles. My. Cody took on my case with an aggressive enthusiasm I had not experienced prior to him. He spent long hours examining my case form all prospective angles in order to develop the best defense possible. It was this extra effort and dedication that resulted in a verdict that I though was not possible. I am now, and always will be, not only appreciative of Mr. Cody’s services and legal prowess, but forever grateful for them as well."

--G. M.

VD on 5/3/18

"I was arrested and charged with a DWI and carrying a concealed weapon. I would like to thank Mr. Blair Cody, Crystal [his paralegal], Heather [his associate attorney], and staff for providing information and following up with me. My charges were charges were dropped after two and a half years. I highly recommend him and his team. I’m just glad I choose him first before receiving letters from other attorneys that just want to take easy money and run or for me to take the guilt. Thanks Cody Law Firm and team. They are very professional and know what they are doing. Just don’t drink and drive. A lessoned learned. But hands down to Cody Law Firm; this is the team that will fight for your rights."

--S. L.

All charges VD on 7/23/18

"My wife and I are very pleased with the outcome of my case. I would recommend anyone facing a DWI or DUI to contact Mr. Cody’s office and hire the most, in my opinion, "reputable" lawyer in this field to represent you. Thank you Cody Law Firm, especially Mr. Cody himself. From a very thankful client."

--T. A.

VD on 9/10/18

"I would highly recommend the Cody Law Firm to represent anyone needing an attorney. I recently had the Cody Law Firm represent me in a DWI charge and other related charges. Mr. Cody was very professional in the handling of my cases. I was kept informed of what was going on at all times. When the final Court date came, Mr. Cody handled everything to my satisfaction. I would definitely use him again if the need arose. I would like to thank Mr. Cody and his staff for all their hard work."

--L. H.

"When I was arrested and charged with DWI, I was completely unprepared for the process and the potential consequences. Thankfully, I found Blair Cody and he agreed to represent me. Mr. Cody explained how the system works and provided options on how to move forward. I was kept informed while waiting for a Court date and was always able to get answers to any questions as they arose. As the Court date approached, Mr. Cody laid out a multi-faceted legal strategy with the intent of defending my rights and obtaining the most favorable outcome without making unrealistic promises. Fortunately, due to his understanding and mastery of the law, one of the foundational elements of Mr. Cody’s defense strategy was successfully executed and all charges against me were ultimately dropped. Of course, this was the most desirable result and may not be possible in all situations, but I am confident that it would not have been possible in my case without Blair Cody’s passionate representation. I have already given Mr. Cody personal endorsements to friends and family, and I will continue to do so."

--M. G.

VD on 6/14/18

"When seeking representation for DWI, a friend referred me to Blair Cody. This was my 2nd DWI in 6 years. Mr. Cody got the charges dropped, saving me thousands for dollars and everything else that goes with a 2nd offense. I will recommend Blair Cody to anyone seeking help. "

--K. L.

VD on 12/4/17

"It is hard to find words t describe what you (Mr. Blair Cody, III) have done for me. I was fearful of the legal process when I was charged. You advised me of what would happen and of my options. Your knowledge and experience were key factors in the resolution of my charges. I would highly recommend you to any potential client."

--J. J.

VD on 8/16/17

"When I was arrested for DWI, I checked with friends for a recommended lawyer. Blair Cody came highly recommended. Following an interview with Mr. Cody, I was convinced I made the right choice. I found Mr. Cody to be very diligent and thorough and willing to give my defense his best effort. As it turned out, my case was dismissed and I am very pleased."

--D. D.

VD on 7/14/17

"Mr. Cody got me my life back. He worked extremely hard to make sure I was given the best representation possible. There were times when I thought it (my case) was helpless but he assured me it would work out in my favor. I firmly believe he is the only lawyer in Catawba County and the State of North Carolina for that matter that could have won my case. Blair E. Cody, III, is a no brainer when it comes to DWI defense. I would tell anybody that asked me, if you want the best defense possible, put your trust in Blair E. Cody, III and the outcome will be in your favor."

--J. W.

VD on 3/7/17

"I was charged with left of center and DWI when pulled over by a rude & disrespectful police officer. I appreciate the Law offices of Blair E. Cody, III for getting my charges dismissed and reduced only to reckless driving. I am thankful that I didn't lose my license and my life can resume as it was. I feel a sense of relief thanks to Blair E. Cody, III"


Trial-VD; Responsible for Reckless Driving; PJC on 3/14/17

"When I received an open container possession charge I was scared to death. I thought my career was over and I would lose my job. My friend referred me to Blair Cody so I immediately called. I had an appointment with him within a few days of my initial call. During the meeting, my nerves were calmed by his interest in my personal case, willingness to listen, great advice, and confidence that he would get my case dismissed. He did just that! With a few hours of community service offered by the Court, my case was dismissed and I was finally at ease. Mr. Cody did a fabulous job and I am forever grateful. I most certainly recommend!"


VD on 2/6/17

"In August of 2015, I found myself in a situation where I needed legal representation. The first name that came to mind was that of Blair Cody. My consultation was very thorough and detailed, the level of service and communication was professional, and outstanding, and when it came time to go to trial, the attention to detail and knowledge of the laws and procedures was beyond reproach. I never would have imagined so much effort, attention to specifics, and resolve would be given to my case, but it was. I's say you wouldn't get this from every law firm, but you WILL get this from Blair Cody and his associates. In my mind, there is no other choice for legal representation. Make Blair Cody your first and only call."


Trial- Not Guilty 8/17/16

"I never in my wildest dreams thought I would have put myself into a situation to be charged with a DWI, but it happened. Embarrassed and lost, I consulted with Blair Cody on my case and knew he was the right attorney for me. I kept in touch with Blair and Crystal, paralegal, throughout the year of trials. His office staff was always happy to answer any questions I had and made sure to find answers if they did not know. I was prepared for each Court date and Blair was always on his A+ game. I don't plan on ever having to be in a situation like this again but would definitely turn to Blair Cody if need be. He is the first attorney I will recommend to anyone in the future. Thank you Blair Cody for giving me my life back with a 'Not Guilty' verdict."


Trial- Not Guilty 3/24/16

"My. Cody was very professional and diligent in handling my DWI- Boating case. He took the right steps to ensure that I wasn't unjustly convicted by presenting facts to the Court which proved my innocence. I am grateful for his hard work and dedication to my case and highly recommend his services to any persons charged in the system of wrong doing."

--W. L.

Trial- Not Guilty 11/9/15

"As a traveling sales manager the thought of being charged with a DUI and speeding would have been the end of a long career. After four plus years and Blair's extensive knowledge of the legal system and laws, my case was dismissed. This decision not only saved my reputation and career, but thousands of dollars that would have been paid in increased insurance premiums. It pays to have a great lawyer on your side when you are facing legal issues and Blair is the epitome of that friend and confidant."

-- S. S.

VD on 8/31/15

"Mr. Cody is an efficient, thorough, and tenacious attorney. He is also a compassionate ally for his clients. My case continued for two long years and Mr. Cody remained dedicated. I would highly recommend his services to anyone who wants an attorney that cares and will fight for them!"

--J. B.

Trial- Not Guilty 8/5/15

"First off I'd like to thank Mr. Cody and his staff for handling my DWI case. They were professional and friendly at all times. Mr. Cody explained to me how he works in court and did just what he said; he got my case declared, 'Not Guilty.' Thanks again to all the staff and especially to Mr. Cody."

--J. C.

Trial- Not Guilty 6/8/15

"Choosing Blair Cody as my lawyer to represent me after being charged with a DWI, was one of the best decisions I could have made. At the initial consultation he thoroughly explained the DWI process and addressed all of my concerns. During the two years that my case was pending, I was kept well informed of the status of my case by him and his office staff. In the end, my case was dismissed! The way Blair Cody handled my case was very impressive. I was amazed at how well he knew the law and his ease when working with the courtroom. He is extremely knowledgeable and it was evident that he was diligent in handling my case. I don't think I could possibly put into words or express how grateful I am to Blair Cody for his help. "

--M. W.

VD all charges 5/13/15

"In February 2014, I received a DUI charge along with several other charges. Though any lawyer could have made a plea deal, Blair Cody fought tooth and nail in order to get the best results. Not only did he get my DUI dismissed, he was able to get the additional charges dismissed as well. I would highly recommend him to anyone that is facing a DUI or similar charges."

--A. S.

DWI- VD on 11/13/14; Fail to Stop VD on 5/14/15

"When I received my DWI I was first and foremost scared to death. I came into the office and consulted with Blair. He advised me about all the options, consequences, and routes that I should pursue. Then, over the next two years Blair openly advised me. He went to court with me in Burke County and the firm kept me well informed on all the decisions made when dealing with my case. At any time I had questions, they were accurate and answered in a timely manner. After two years of layovers and extensions we tried the case. I came out with a careless and reckless ticket from a DWI charge. I had no points added to my insurance or my license. I would definitely choose Cody Law Firm to represent me in the future if I had any legal problems."

--E. K.

Trial-VD; Responsible for Reckless Driving; PJC on 3/14/15

"In November of 2013, I was arrested for a DUI after crashing my car. The odds were certainly stacked against me. I hired Blair Cody with only the hope of avoiding jail time. He did something even better for me by getting my case completely dismissed. I was hesitant to do what he said initially, but he certainly knows what he is doing. There is absolutely no reason other than Blair's tremendous skill, why I should not have been convicted. I have since used Blair for other legal matters and would recommend his services to anyone that I meet that is in need of legal help. The best decision that I made after my DUI in my life was to hire Blair."

-- D. O., Jr.

VD on 1/6/15

"Mr. Cody represented us [my wife and I] in a criminal matter and we were extremely pleased with his professionalism, knowledge, and compassion. His staff updated us periodically and made sure we were ready for court. I would recommend Cody Law Offices to friends and family. We came as a referral from a family member who told us that Blair Cody was the one we needed to represent us...boy were they right. Thanks Mr. Cody!"

--M. M.

Trial- Not Guilty on 11/18/14

"If you are facing some serious charges that can send you to prison you really want Blair Cody on your side. I was up against four felony charges at the time. I was transferred to North Carolina from another prison in another state. My wife read his credentials and reviews and I decided to go with him. He [did] a great job for me because I was facing 16 years and 4 months for my charges and Blair Cody got my case dismissed! My life will be changed forever, thanks to Blair. I highly recommend him to anyone."

--D. D.

VD on 11/3/14

"May 28th, 2010 was a very dark, embarrassing day for me. I was pulled over on Interstate 40 for speeding 82 in a 65 mph zone. Long story short, I was charged with a DWI with a very high BAC. One that I thought would have been hard for me to overcome for the savviest of lawyers in our area in Hickory, NC. I asked friends and colleagues in the Hickory area and was referred to the Law Offices of Blair Cody.

I decided after meeting with a few different lawyers, that Blair Cody was the representation that I needed. We sat down and discussed various options that pertained to my case and situation. We put a game plan together and we stuck to it. Over the last 4 years, I had a dark cloud over me that was nothing but a hindrance that cost me many 'opportunities'. My only faith was in God and the Law Offices of Blair Cody.

We talked about every couple of months to stay up to date with my case and if anything had changed. Any time I had questions or concerns, I could call [his] office and speak with Crystal [Blair's legal assistant working on my case] who is an absolute pleasure to work with. I received prompt letters for instructions and regards to court dates etc.

I would HIGHLY recommend the Law Offices of Blair Cody for any traffic violations, DWI charges etc. I was super impressed that Blair Cody found factual law that allowed my case to be dismissed. He fought tooth and nail for me and I am forever indebted to him and his services. Again, drive safe and remember, we are not promised tomorrow so make the right decisions today."

--B. R.

VD all Charges- 4/17/2014

"Mr. Cody did an outstanding job with my case. He was completely professional and had done his homework. Every position the prosecution took, Mr. Cody had an answer for. There were no surprises in the case as Mr. Cody seemed to have a superior understanding of my situation than everyone in the court room. In the end, I was found not guilty for all of my charges. I highly recommend Blair Cody III to represent you."

--K. C.

NG all charges- 3/14/2014

"On Dec. 17, 2010, I broke the law of which I was guilty. After two years of court and probation, forty-five days of being incarcerated, and large amount of fines, I thought I had it all behind me, but I was wrong. Just at the end of my term, I was summoned back to court. At that time, I called for the services of Blair E. Cody III to represent my case. After two short trips to court, finally it was done. Mr. Cody had performed a great service to myself and the court, for that I am thankful. I could not beat the price for his services. Thank you Mr. Cody!"

--B. C.

Prob. Terminated- 6/24/2013

"I would highly recommend Mr. Cody to anyone fighting a DWI. Because of his knowledge, experience, and determination, he was able to get my case dismissed. He subpoenaed the evidence against me, and at trial proved that the traffic stop was not permissible, according to law. He also got an automatic one year DMV suspension overturned, by proving at the DMV hearing that the proper procedures were not followed when I refused to be tested. Lastly, he had my arrest record expunged, and has saved me thousands [of dollars] in auto insurance. He is professional, knows the law, the court system, and works tirelessly to get you the best outcome on your case. I have no doubt that my case would have ended much differently without his experience and guidance. Mr. Cody was recommended to me by another attorney I consulted, that does not handle these types of cases. I was told he was the best, and it was great advice."

--B. Bolch

VD- 5/22/2013

"Mr. Cody was professional and efficient. If I need a lawyer in the future, I would definitely use him."

--T. R.

VD- 4/30/2013

"Mr. Blair Cody represented me in a very professional manor and helped me to receive the best outcome possible."

--K. G.

VD all charges- 3/21/2013

"I am truly thankful to Mr. Cody. I had no money to get an attorney so the Court [appointed Mr. Cody]. We laid it over for a while then it was time. He [blew] me away. Before I knew it, my case was thrown out, WOW! I still am in [awe] of Mr. Cody and his work."

--S. H.


"I am writing the letter of recommendation as a testimonial of a job well done in my legal case from 2009. I was charged with a DWI coming home from a client meeting and I really did not know what the best course of action was. Seven years earlier I received [a DWI] while on vacation. This second one was going to cause me some real hardship professionally and financially.

I was please to know that I had hired a true professional who had uncovered some errors in the processing and was able to get me a deal with a lower charge. This was the best possible outcome for both parties and this decision allowed me to move on with my life. I felt like his fees were reasonable and for the service I received, were very much worth it. There are many law firms that will not truly dig into the evidence for real answers. Many firms will just rubber stamp these cases, advise a guilty plea, take their money and move on.

I would highly recommend Cody Law Firm for any criminal trial work where the results are needed."

--N. C.

VD- DWI & Speeding - 7/8/2010

Domestic & Family Testimonials

"Blair Cody was the BEST attorney I’ve ever spoken to or had business with. As soon as you step in his office you feel comfortable and at ease. I was charged with two (2) counts of communicating threats and he made sure to go over the best case scenario and worst case scenario with me in a friendly manner. All the interactions I had with Mr. Cody made me feel like I was talking to a friend and I had never even met him before. Blair Cody is THE ATTORNEY to go with if you have any legal trouble because he will make time for you to know everything. His staff, especially Cyndy Adams, are all amazing as well, but I felt she needed a special shout-out. Thank you Cody Law Firm!"

--J. H.

No Contact Order; Dismissed 12/21/18

"Blair Cody handled my divorce efficiently and effectively. I actually got money back from my retainer [fee]; unheard of. Blair spent odd hours, weekends, and nights handling my divorce all while being extremely personable. I highly recommend the lawyer Blair Cody as your divorce attorney."

--G. G.

Absolute Divorce; divorce granted 5/3/18

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