Providing Your Best Defense In DUI/DWI Cases

The moment you are charged with DUI, you have a serious problem. You have been arrested for a serious crime. You will be asked to incriminate yourself by blowing into a Breathalyzer. If convicted, you will be asked to pay a substantial fine. You will lose your driving privileges for a period. You may find it difficult to do simple things like go to your job or to the grocery store. Welcome to the world of DWI, a crime in which no one is hurt but yourself.

A Drunk Driving Defense Attorney

At Cody Law Firm, we defend clients accused of every kind of drunk driving offense:

  • DUI/DWI, first offense
  • DUI/DWI drugs
  • DUI/DWI, multiple offense
  • DUI/DWI felony
  • DUI in which someone is injured
  • DUI with child aboard
  • Breathalyzer refusal
  • License suspension/revocation
  • Other serious traffic offenses

DUI became a serious offense in reaction to the death toll caused by drunk driving. But it has grown into a kind of monster, in which people are subjected to harsh punishment and great expense that is disproportionate to the harm they have caused. The bottom line is that you cannot afford to be convicted, so you must hire the most effective lawyer you can find. My office, the Cody Law Firm, is one of the most successful DUI firms in the region.

Idea: Keep This Information On Your Person At All Times

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Effective DWI/DUI Representation For North Carolina

If you are pulled over, give the officer your license and registration, and nothing else. It is not a time to be talkative. Don't imagine that if you say the right thing, they will let you go. You are going to be arrested. Here are some DO'S and DONT'S of DWI's:

YOU DO have to present your license, registration and proof of insurance.

YOU DO have the right to "refuse" the search of your vehicle. (The police have to establish probable cause to search you or your vehicle, a mere hunch is not good enough. You consent, they can search!)

YOU DO need to be assertive and speak up! (Let the officer know that you understand your rights and you won't allow them to be violated! RECORD your conversation with the officer if you can.)

YOU DON'T have to tell the officer where you have been or how many drinks you've had. (The police will use your answers as a basis to arrest and convict you.)

YOU DON'T have to perform any field sobriety tests or give a breath sample at the scene. (You do not have to do these tests. The officer is trying to prove you are drunk!)

YOU DON'T have to answer any questions that are asked of you, regardless of the subject. (Don't give them any information they will use to convict you.)

DON'T believe the officer if he says it is in your best interest to cooperate. (Only you, your lawyer and the district attorney can negotiate plea deals.)

DON'T be afraid of being arrested. (Being arrested is not a big deal, being CONVICTED is!)

Instead, call my office, and let me do the talking for you. I have enjoyed great success in extricating individuals charged with DUI. Most arguments turn on the issue of probable cause — did the police have sufficient cause to pull you over? Many arrests are flawed in some way. I am confident I can show that there were defects in your arrest procedure as well.

Have you been arrested for DUI/DWI? Contact Hickory DUI/DWI attorney Blair Cody at Cody Law Firm at 828-358-2776. You can also communicate with our office through this online form.