Attorney With Success Fighting Drug Crime Charges

Whether you have been picked up for pot or charged with trafficking in cocaine, you want an attorney who understands drug cases, knows the system and the personnel in Catawba County, and is committed to applying his legal skills to keep this arrest from ruining your life.

Most drug arrests are of young people who don't appreciate how serious the state of North Carolina and the federal justice system take drug cases, even of marijuana. Students at Lenoir-Rhyne University, Catawba Valley Community College and the Appalachian University Center here in Hickory have had their academic careers seriously interrupted by drug charges and convictions.

At Cody Law Firm we have successfully defended individuals charged with:

  • Marijuana possession and sale
  • Illegal sales of prescription drugs
  • Cocaine, possession and selling
  • Methamphetamine manufacture

In addition we have helped persons charged with possession in a no-drug (school) zone, doctor shopping, forging physician signatures and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Attorney Handling Marijuana Possession And Other Drug Crime Cases

It is important to appear at trial not as a criminal drug user but as a normal individual who may have made a dumb mistake. My job as your defender is to exploit the weakness in the state's case and noncompliance with police procedure to show that it would be a mistake to penalize you to the full extent of the law.

My strong preference as your lawyer is to have the charges against you dismissed, or significantly reduced. If neither of these is realistic, I work to get you a conditional discharge, or to go through the drug court to help keep you out of jail.

Drug charges are very serious, and convictions do great damage. Many people do not realize that an arrest all by itself stays on your record. When this happens, I can often have the arrest and even the conviction expunged. For more information about expungement, call me at 828-358-2776.

If busted for possessing marijuana or some other drug crime, contact Cody Law Firm at 828-358-2776, to reach attorney Blair Cody.