Knowledgeable Guidance During Divorce And Property Division Matters

I am attorney Blair Cody. Since becoming an attorney in 2000, I have fought for the interests and concerns of those I represent in every family law case. I always make certain your story is told. I am not interested in going through the motions when it comes to legal proceedings. Instead, I strive towards providing you the best possible legal representation at an affordable rate. I understand the process for dividing belongings during divorce, and my goal is to provide you the best available outcome. When coming to my office, I will listen to you and review your options. I will then put together the sort of legal strategy that best meets your needs.

How Property Is Divided During A Divorce

North Carolina has in place an equitable distribution process when it comes to division of property during a divorce. The courts in North Carolina have great discretion in deciding how property should be divided during divorce. The property and assets may not be split evenly. Instead, courts try to divide property fairly.

When making such determinations, the court make look at how long you were married, your education, age and health, custody and visitation considerations, and how much you and your spouse contributed to the acquisition of assets while the marriage took place.

Sometimes the process for dividing assets is not easy. The assets a couple acquires during a marriage can include stock options, job benefits, and investment and retirement accounts. Calculating the value of the assets can be tricky. Also, sometimes couples may have considerable debt, and dividing this debt also requires analysis.

As an experienced lawyer, I offer dependable services concerning even the most complex asset division matters. I will analyze your situation and provide you a number of legal avenues you can pursue. I also have access to appraisers, accountants and experts who can review your circumstances and testify on your behalf.

Let An Experienced Family Law Attorney Help You

When going through divorce, it is only natural you have concerns regarding the division of your property. If you wish to make an appointment to speak to me, please contact Cody Law Firm in Hickory by calling 828-358-2776. I will do what is necessary to get the right results for you.