Careful Handling Of Domestic Violence Matters

Domestic violence is not a cut-and-dried matter. It can be 100 percent legitimate, a criminal action made against other members of the household. It can also be a false accusation, made to spite the other party or to obtain leverage in an upcoming custody hearing.

At the Cody Law Firm the subject is taken 100 percent seriously, either way. If you have been injured or threatened with bodily harm by your spouse or any other household member, I urge you to take immediate action. The first and foremost matter is that you are safe in your own home.

In North Carolina, domestic violence is defined quite broadly. It can be between family members or members of the household. The perpetrator can be a spouse, unmarried partner, child or grandparent. Different kinds of actions qualify as abuse:

  • Physical abuse: This includes striking, slapping, pushing, confinement against one's will, sexual abuse and any other behavior that can lead to physical harm.
  • Intimidation: This is when the abuser makes you take part in or witness violence, physical confinement or restraint against another.
  • Harassment: This includes any act that causes significant emotional distress — stalking, spying, telephoning repeatedly and threatening to cause harm.
  • Willful deprivation: intentionally denying an elderly or disabled person the medication, medical care, shelter, food or other assistance that he or she needs.
  • Curtailing your personal liberty: This includes threatening to physically abuse, harass, intimidate or deprive in order to coerce behavior.

Attorney Who Understands The Restraining Order Process

My firm is quick to petition for orders of protection on your behalf, on both an emergency or continuing basis.

My firm also represents the other side, when it is clear that you have been falsely accused of domestic abuse. Domestic violence restraining orders are serious and much is at stake for both sides. Whichever side I am on in such a case, my priority is safety and preventing further harm.

Hire a Hickory domestic violence attorney who will fight for your family rights. Call lawyer Blair Cody of Cody Law Firm at 828-358-2776, or write us using this online form.