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Marriage may not be trending in the social media era

For anyone considering ending their marriage or currently going through the divorce process, Valentine's Day is a holiday that can just come and go without fanfare. Feelings of uncertainty and fear replace the more typical emotions of love and affection.

While many traditionally consider the type of card, flowers and gifts to celebrate a day of love, more and more people are wondering if marriage works in the first place, especially in a hyper-connected era of technology.

The advent of social media has significantly reduced, if not eliminated any sense of privacy. The world has become one loud "outside voice" with Facebook and Twitter users sharing every aspect of their lives online for all to see. Simply stated, strangers are being invited into the homes in a very intimate way.

With more opportunity to connect come serious disconnections that can impact a marriage. Texting has replaced talking, whether a couple is in different locations or the same house or room. Delayed responses raise suspicion. Not hearing the tone of someone's voice and the emotion behind it results in serious misunderstandings.

All types of physical interaction are also going by the wayside. Gifts for a spouse are purchased and shipped on Amazon. Flowers for an anniversary or birthday are selected and delivered via an app. Searching furniture and décor for a new home is done online.

Instead of enjoying a moment, couples are becoming too busy documenting with pictures and status updates. Vacations become photo and video shoots with selfies and images of relaxed feet.

The connection to a mobile device is becoming stronger than the marital bond. The desire for attention, if not "trending" is outweighed the desire to be loved. Social media provides a larger profile once only enjoyed by celebrities.

"Likes" are replacing love. The desire for group acceptance is replacing the need for an individual's affection.

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