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March 2017 Archives

Proving domestic violence in a divorce

Domestic violence is a serious issue that happens all across North Carolina. We see many different types of these cases at Cody Law Firm. Abuse can be physical or mental. It can involve harassment, intimidation or deprivation. Regardless of the type of domestic violence you may have endured, it should always be taken seriously. You should leave your home and go to some place safe if possible. Then, you can proceed to work on your case.

A DUI could jeopardize your job

Getting arrested for driving under the influence is more than just an evening's embarrassment, the effects of a DUI can haunt you for weeks, months or even years. Unlike say, a speeding ticket, you can't always just pay a fine for a DUI conviction and move on. You will have to go to court and you may lose your driving privileges or be handed a jail sentence, which could impact many other aspects of your life.

When Can Motorists Be Pulled Over Due to Suspicions of Drunk Driving?

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs remains a significant issue facing the country. Most people are taught from a young age not to drink and drive because people who drive while under the influence of a certain amount of alcohol are significantly impaired. Alcohol slows reflexes, impairs decision making, and impacts focus. This presents a major danger to not only the driver but also to other people on the road.

Can unpaid child support keep me from getting a passport?

If you are a parent who is required to pay child support, you may have a hard time satisfying these obligations due to financial troubles, which can arise for many reasons. For example, your employer may have fired you or you could be dealing with medical burdens that were completely unexpected. Unfortunately, if you fall behind on your child support payments, your life could be adversely affected in different ways. On top of financial penalties and warrants for your arrest, back child support could also affect your passport, whether you live in Hickory, North Carolina, or anywhere in the U.S.

The police may need a warrant to search your premises

You get into your car, and you are driving to the movies with your friend. On the way, the police stop you and they conduct a search of your car. In your car, they find something that should not have been there. But in this case, is it really you who is breaking the law?

Educating young drivers on traffic stops

Since a camcorder made Rodney King a household name, encounters between motorists and police officers continue to be placed under a blinding spotlight. Today, nearly everyone is walking around with a video camera at their disposal. Many are using the technology to document interactions between drivers and law enforcement.

Confessions: True or false

In his book, "How the Police Generate False Confessions," written by former Washington, D.C., homicide detective James Trainum, the ex-police officer provides a firsthand perspective of tactics used in securing confessions. He notes that far too many criminal cases involve innocent people making admissions of guilt.police interagation.jpg

Drunk driving accidents on the rise in rural North Carolina

When someone is pulled over for drunk driving, speculation surrounds what could have happened if a stop and subsequent arrest had not occurred. In rural North Carolina counties, worst-case scenarios in the form of drunk driving accidents are on the rise. Many have led to not only serious injuries, but also deaths.

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