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Malicious Mother Syndrome: Watch out for these signs

You know that divorce is a struggle. Sometimes, you and your ex simply can't get along. Other times, you can communicate and work together in the best interests of your children.

Sometimes, people stressed by divorce go too far. They may become malicious or eager to punish the other party. For mothers who act in this manner, there is a term used called Malicious Mother Syndrome. This syndrome describes a medical condition in which one parent intentionally becomes vengeful toward the other during a divorce.

What is a good example of Malicious Mother Syndrome?

One example would be parental alienation. For example, if a mother and father get a divorce and the mother is angered by the actions of the man, she may start to tell her children that their father is dangerous or that he does not love them. She could act as though it was their actions that caused divorce and that their father hates them for it. This is alienation that attempts to punish the father.

Another example would be if the mother consistently lies to her children or denies the other parent access to visitation or communication with the children. She may also attempt to cut the father out of the children's lives by not telling him about extra-curricular activities or school activities that he should be invited to attend.

If the mother does not suffer any kind of mental disorder that would explain these actions, then the best explanation is Malicious Mother Syndrome. This is not a medical classification, but instead, it identifies a parent who acts in a negative way that needs to be recognized by the court.

Can fathers suffer from this condition?

Yes. In fact, even though the name suggests it's only females who struggle, fathers also do. For that reason, some courts recognize it as malicious parent syndrome, which is gender neutral.

If you are getting a divorce and feel that this syndrome may be playing a role in the other parent's actions, it's important to speak out. Your attorney can help you protect your rights and access to your children.

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