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What are some of the consequences of back child support?

If you are a non-custodial parent, or a custodial parent who is trying to raise your child well, you may face different challenges stemming from unpaid child support. In Hickory, and cities all over North Carolina, some parents find themselves in this position because they are out of work or have a medical crisis arise. Regardless, falling behind on child support can make life difficult for both parents and children as well.

Many people are aware that failing to pay child support can lead to the threat of arrest and the garnishment of wages. However, there are many other consequences associated with child support delinquency. According to the Office of Child Support Enforcement, back child support can have a negative impact on a non-custodial parent's credit, result in the loss of their driving privileges, cause them to be unable to successfully apply for or use a passport, and face property liens. In fact, you can even have your tax refund intercepted for failing to pay child support.

Clearly, missing child support payments can interrupt life in many different ways. There are different reasons why parents find themselves in this troubling position, but it is smart for people going through this to do what they can to resolve it. Depending on the financial circumstances a parent is facing, different options may be available. For example, the modification of a child support order or the establishment of a payment plan could help non-custodial parents get back on track and avoid some of the aforementioned consequences.

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