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October 2017 Archives

Social media and family law matters

We know that those who are struggling with challenges related to family law may have different problems to work through. Sometimes, a parent may be worried about losing access to their child after a custody dispute, while others are concerned about their ability to afford child support payments. In Hickory, and all over North Carolina, family law issues can be even more difficult to work through as a result of social media. In fact, social media activity can do more than just generate additional stress and drama. In some cases, it could have an impact on the outcome of a case.

Handling false domestic violence accusations

For those who are in relationships, numerous challenges may arise. On this blog, we have covered some of the family law problems that people encounter in Hickory and across North Carolina, whether they have a hard time paying child support or are involved in a dispute regarding child custody. However, domestic violence allegations can affect some couples, married or not. If you have been falsely accused of intimate partner violence, our law firm knows how challenging this can be on various levels.

Handling family law matters during an illness

All sorts of challenges can make it even more difficult for people to work through family law issues, from the loss of a parent to unexpected financial hardships or problems at work. However, those going through an illness may have a particularly difficult time dealing with various family law issues, from child support modification to filing for divorce and working through a dispute involving the custody of children. Our law firm is committed to working with people who are struggling with this in Hickory, North Carolina.

Reviewing the consequences of underage DUI charges

When a young driver is charged with driving under the influence, there is a wide range of consequences they could face, which extend far beyond financial penalties, the loss of driving privileges, and even potential time behind bars. Cody Law Firm knows that when those who have not reached the age of 21 are facing DUI charges, their lives can be thrown off course in other ways also. For example, the charges could have a negative impact on their school performance or affect their future.

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