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Facing allegations of a sex crime comes with incredibly high stakes. The impact of these charges can be devastating, affecting not just your reputation but also your freedom and future, even if you are innocent. The law can be complex, so having the assistance of a Hickory sex crime lawyer is crucial.

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When facing sex crime charges, a Hickory criminal defense attorney can offer you the legal counsel you need. At Cody Law Firm, we can provide that for you. We have an extensive understanding of North Carolina law as it pertains to sex crimes. We have defended clients faced with similar charges. Each case is different, so we can look at your case with precision and create a unique defense for you.

What Is a Sex Crime?

A sex crime covers a range of offenses that generally involve sex acts that are either forced on another person or coerced. Because these crimes are very sensitive in nature, they are taken with great seriousness. Generally speaking, sex crimes involve non-consensual acts, exploitation, or abuse, whether physical or psychological.

Sex crimes can take many forms. Some forms are more serious than others. Some examples of sex crimes include:

  • Rape. This is non-consensual sexual intercourse obtained through force, threat, or intimidation.
  • Sexual Assault. This is any unwanted sexual contact or behavior that occurs without the explicit consent of the victim. It does not have to involve intercourse or penetration.
  • Child Molestation. This is sexual contact or exploitation involving a minor. This charge is taken seriously, as legally, children are not able to consent to sex or sexual acts.
  • Possession of Child Pornography. This is owning or distributing images or videos that involve minors engaged in sexual activity.
  • Indecent Exposure. This is the deliberate exposure of a person’s genitals in a public place.
  • Prostitution. This involves engaging in or offering sexual favors in exchange for money, gifts, or other forms of compensation.
  • Sexual Harassment. Harassment is unwanted sexual advances, comments, or behavior that creates a hostile environment, especially in the workplace.

Sex Crime Charges

In Hickory, North Carolina, sex crimes are categorized as either misdemeanors or felonies, depending on how severe the offense is. Misdemeanors are generally less severe crimes, but they can still carry significant penalties. Some examples of sexual misdemeanors include indecent exposure and solicitation of prostitution.

Felonies are more serious offenses and carry harsher penalties, including longer prison sentences and steeper fines. Some examples of sexual felonies include rape, child molestation, possession of child pornography, sexual crimes involving minors, and sexual assault.

Penalties for Sex Crimes

The penalties for sex crimes in North Carolina range in severity depending on the charges being brought against the defendant. Less serious misdemeanors will generally carry lighter penalties than serious felonies.

Typically, crimes involving children carry the harshest penalties. Some examples of these penalties include:

  • Jail or prison time. Depending on the severity of the crime, prison sentences can range from a few months for misdemeanors to several years or even life for felonies.
  • Fines. In addition to paying legal fees and the cost of legal representation, a defendant may be ordered to pay additional fines as well.
  • Sex Offender Registration. If someone is convicted, they may be required to register as a sex offender, which becomes public information and can significantly restrict their freedoms.
  • Probation. Some offenders might be placed on probation, where they must meet certain conditions for completion, such as community service and participation in courses. Probation also involves strict supervision.
  • Loss of Rights. Convicted individuals may also lose certain rights, including the right to vote or own firearms.

Defenses to Sex Crimes

Sex crimes cover a range of offenses. Because of this, there are a range of defenses that are declared in court. Some of these include:

  • Consent. It is common to argue that the sex acts that took place were consensual between the two parties. This defense generally is not used in cases involving minors.
  • Dishonesty. In some cases, the accuser has a motive to lie or be dishonest, which occurs in cases where the accuser is either trying to retaliate against the defendant for an unknown reason or the two are going through a contention divorce or child custody battle.
  • Mistaken identity. This defense is used when the defendant claims they did not commit the crime and it was someone else.
  • Insufficient Evidence. The defense challenges the proof presented by the prosecution.


Q: What Are the Rules for Sex Offenders in North Carolina?

A: In North Carolina, sex offenders must follow a strict set of rules. This includes registering as a sex offender, periodically verifying their address, informing law enforcement of certain life changes, including change of residence or employment, restriction from living in certain areas such as certain proximity to schools or playgrounds, notifying law enforcement of travel plans, and some offenders have certain internet restrictions.

Q: What Is the Romeo and Juliet Law in North Carolina?

A: The Romeo and Juliet Law in North Carolina is a law that allows for consensual sex with a minor so long as the older party is no more than four years older. Both parties must agree to the relationship, with no force or coercion involved. For example, a 15-year-old can legally have sex with a 17-year-old without the risk of facing criminal charges.

Q: How Do You Get Off the Sex Offender Registry in North Carolina?

A: While it is difficult to get off the sex offender registry in North Carolina, it is not impossible. Before someone can attempt to be removed from the registry, they must first have been registered for a minimum amount of time, usually ten years. They must then petition the court to be removed. A decision will be made after a hearing and assessment.

Q: What Is a First-degree Sex Offense in North Carolina?

A: A first-degree sex offense in North Carolina is one of the most serious sexual crimes and involves several specific elements, including engaging in a sexual act by force, threat, or using a deadly weapon. It can also be considered a first-degree offense if the victim was a young minor, was mentally incapacitated, or was physically helpless.

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