Hickory Family and Criminal Law Attorney

Helping people move forward with their lives — that's what the law should be about, and that's what my firm, Cody Law Firm, of Hickory, tries to be.

I'm Blair Cody, and I've practiced family and criminal law enough to know that people want to get their legal problems over and done with. Going to court is never a golden moment in people's scrapbooks.

I'm with you. I don't want this anxious time in your life, whether it is divorce or a criminal charge, to drag on. But even more, I want it done right, for you, your family and your future.

If you're getting divorced and the other side is asking for more than is fair, I go to work. If you are getting the short end of the stick, I will take that stick and use it against them.

A Hickory, North Carolina, Lawyer For You

If you want a lawyer who will lie down and let you lose, get someone else. But if you want what's fair under the law, then I'm your guy. I am your basic, general issue bulldog attorney. Not a jerk, mind you — but a lawyer who takes your side and fights for you.

Aggressive Representation In Family Matters

Clients sometimes think they know the law, but they don't. A truck driver assumed that he could not get a fair custody schedule with his children because he was on the road a lot. But the law wants what is best for the child, and the court could see he was a loving, caring father. We created a schedule that lets him see his kids whenever he is home. A good solution for my client, and a great one for the family.

Whether it's divorce, child custody, support, modifications or charges of domestic violence, I will work to find a fair and satisfactory solution for you.

Catawba County Criminal Defense Attorney

People get pulled over for drunk driving or arrested for smoking pot. If they are convicted of these crimes, their lives will change for the worse. My job as your attorney is to minimize the harm done to you or your loved one. I will use every legal tactic there is to protect you from the harshness of these laws. I have confidence in myself and devotion to the law. But mostly, I enjoy winning for my clients.

My name is Blair Cody. When you need a fighter on your side, call me.

Hire a Hickory family law lawyer who will fight for your family's future. Hire Blair Cody of Cody Law Firm at 828-358-2776, or write to him using this online form.