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Deciding to dissolve your marriage can be an emotional rollercoaster. Even if you and your former partner are on good terms, it can still be intense to divide all of your marital property and make critical, life-changing decisions, such as who will get custody of your children.

If you are filing for divorce in Hickory, you should reach out to an experienced Hickory divorce lawyer to walk you through it. With a knowledgeable family law attorney by your side, this transition will be much easier.

At Cody Law Firm, we can help you with all of your divorce needs. Whether you are in an uncontested divorce and want legal guidance to make sure you are on the right path, or you are in an intensely contested divorce and need someone to fight for you, we have got your back.

Types of Divorce in Hickory

Divorce looks a bit different for everyone, but you will find that your divorce falls into one of the two following broad categories in the state of North Carolina. Your divorce will either be uncontested or contested, which differs based on how you and your partner feel about dividing your assets.

Uncontested Divorce

If you have an uncontested divorce, it means that you both agree on how to divide your assets. If you do not have any conflicts or disagreements, then you can, in theory, smoothly file for divorce. However, there are many occasions in which people think that they agree on everything, but when it comes time to divide everything, disputes arise.

Even if you think that you will have a simple divorce, it is in your interest to have a divorce lawyer on your side defending your fights and advocating for your needs during your split.

Contested Divorce

Agreeing on everything is not always easy. If you find yourself arguing with your former partner over who gets what, you are going through a contested divorce. In such a case in Hickory, NC, it is vital that you get in touch with an experienced divorce lawyer so you have someone standing up for your needs. Your lawyer can suggest alternative processes of conflict resolution, such as arbitration and mediation, or represent you during the divorce proceedings.

Divorces with Children

If you have children with the partner you are divorcing, you might be in for a difficult divorce. In addition to having to help your children adjust to a new living situation and family dynamic, you might also be arguing with the other parent about who should have custody of the children and who should pay child support.

If you need support during a child custody battle, it is critical that you hire a trustworthy, experienced child custody attorney. Your lawyer can help the court understand what is in the child’s interests and help advocate for you and your relationship with your children. In some cases, a child custody case might go to court, and your attorney will be sure to be right at your side and fight for you.

In addition, if you need help enforcing or modifying a child support order, your divorce attorney can help. The court will make decisions about child support based on your and the other parent’s income, assets, and your children’s needs.

There are situations in which you might need to adjust a custody order to fit a new, unforeseen financial circumstance. Your divorce attorney can help fight for you in this tricky situation and take the necessary legal steps to get your child support order modified.

How to Get a Divorce in Hickory

If you want to get a divorce in Hickory or anywhere in North Carolina, you need to be aware of the special rules and regulations in the state. For instance, at least one of you must have resided in North Carolina for at least six months.

Also, you need to first go through a separation in which you and your partner live in different locations for at least one year. After this year goes by, you are able to file for an absolute divorce.

If your divorce is uncontested, you might be able to complete the process in just 60 days, but if it is contested, you can expect it to take a lot longer.

Even if one party in your marriage committed adultery, you still have to be living apart from each other for one year. However, marital misconduct can influence factors like alimony and child support. Your lawyer can review the facts of your divorce and help determine if you might be entitled to marital support as a result of your circumstances.

How Much Are Divorce Lawyers Cost in Hickory, NC?

The amount that you pay for your Hickory divorce lawyer will be influenced by a lot of factors. For instance, if you need a simple, uncontested divorce, then your lawyer can help you file and will likely not have to go to court or engage in any lengthy negotiations.

On the other hand, if you need your attorney to support you through an intense legal battle, you can expect to pay more. However, you will also find that the support of a dedicated legal professional while navigating the rough waters of a contested divorce is very much worth it.

A Dedicated Hickory Divorce Lawyer

No matter what kind of divorce you are going through, this is sure to be a trying time. On top of all of the legal hurdles you need to maneuver through, you will likely have to confront complex emotions.

Not to mention, you will still have to handle all of your normal day-to-day responsibilities. When you hire a divorce lawyer in Hickory to handle all of the important technicalities in your case, you can make life just a little bit easier during this time.

Our team at Cody Law Firm prides itself on our ability to support you in any kind of divorce. If you are in need of support with dissolving your marriage in Hickory, please do not hesitate to contact our experienced team today.

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