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Getting pulled over is never fun, especially if it results in a traffic ticket with a hefty fine. A traffic ticket could be a blemish on your driving record, which may be something that you find simply unacceptable. With the right representation, that traffic ticket could be stricken from your record and simply disappear. If you believe that you have a traffic ticket that is unwarranted or unfair, reach out to a Lenoir traffic ticket lawyer as soon as possible. You may be right.

How Can a Lenoir Traffic Ticket Lawyer Help You?

When you receive a traffic ticket, your first instinct may be to just admit fault, pay it, and get it over with. However, that may not necessarily be the right course of action. Admitting fault to a traffic ticket and having it put on your driving record can lead to:

  • A fine and payment of court costs
  • Points on your driver’s license
  • An increase in your car insurance rates
  • Possible jail time and a loss of your license if it is a repeat offense

By bringing on a traffic ticket lawyer or a speeding violation attorney, you greatly increase your chances of having the ticket reduced or even dismissed. Our team at Cody Law Firm is determined to provide you with a thorough legal defense. We can help you determine if your ticket is fixable due to a technicality or something that can be challenged in court. An experienced traffic ticket lawyer can:

  • Investigate the traffic incident in which you received the ticket.
  • Determine whether the charges were warranted.
  • Challenge the arrest in court.
  • Insist that the charges be reduced or dismissed. If you have a previously clean record, this should be fairly easy to pursue.
  • Provide sound legal counsel to you and help you determine if you want to take a plea deal or go to trial.

An experienced traffic ticket lawyer can work hard to ensure that you succeed in your case. A skilled attorney can also help you understand exactly why you were given a traffic ticket and show you how to avoid similar behavior in the future if you were indeed at fault.

Different Types of Traffic Tickets

When people hear the phrase “traffic ticket,” most of us instinctively think that “speeding” is the main reason behind receiving a ticket. While speeding is certainly one of the many different moving violations that you can receive a ticket for, there are other offenses that you can commit while driving. In fact, you may not even be aware that you are committing an offense until it is too late.


Beginning with the obvious one, speeding violates established speed limits and puts other drivers and pedestrians in danger. Unlike other states, North Carolina has a highly enforced “absolute” speed limit law, meaning that if you are going even one mile over the established speed limit in the area, you could be found guilty of speeding.

Depending on how fast you were speeding, you could face hefty fines of anywhere between $100 and $1,000, a maximum jail sentence of 60 days, and a one-year suspension of your driver’s license. You will also receive three points on your license. A speeding violation attorney NC can help you get these charges dismissed or mitigate their consequences.

Hit and Run

Under North Carolina state law, it is illegal to flee the scene of an accident, and it is illegal not to stop at the scene of an accident. If you fail to stop, you could be charged with a number of offenses, such as failing to notify the police and failing to provide assistance.

Depending on your actions or inaction in the offense at hand, you could be facing a lot of potential penalties, such as a prison sentence, a felony conviction, a hefty fine, and four to twelve points on your license. If you see something, always try to say something. Otherwise, you could be found equally guilty.

Driving With a Suspended License

You must have a valid driver’s license to operate a vehicle in the state of North Carolina. If you are pulled over and found to have a suspended or expired license, you could face a misdemeanor with a maximum jail sentence of 120 days. If your license is suspended at the time, it could be permanently revoked for failing to adhere to road laws or for multiple offenses.

Reckless Driving

If you are driving carelessly or aggressively and putting others in danger due to your reckless actions, you could be pulled over and ticketed for reckless driving. This includes driving at an overwhelming speed, which is at least 15 miles over a 55 mph speed limit. This means that you are putting everyone around you in jeopardy. This charge could net you a Class 2 misdemeanor charge, which would go on your criminal record. You could face up to 60 days in jail, a fine of up to $1,000, and 4 points on your license.

Improper Equipment

Your vehicle must be properly maintained to pass North Carolina road safety standards. Your vehicle must have functional brake lights, turn signals, headlights, and seatbelts, among other things. If anything is found to be broken on your vehicle that puts other drivers and pedestrians in danger, you may be fined at least $50 for improper equipment. You will likely not gain any points on your license, but you should try your hardest to fix whatever is broken on your vehicle.

Passing a School Bus

When a school bus is stopped, its lights are flashing, and its “STOP” sign is extended, it is illegal to pass the bus. This moving violation is taken very seriously by North Carolina lawmakers due to its potential danger to children. If you are caught passing a stopped school bus, it is a Class 1 misdemeanor that could get you up to 120 days in jail and a hefty fine of up to $500.


Q: How Much Does a Traffic Lawyer Cost in North Carolina?

A: The cost of a traffic lawyer in North Carolina depends on a number of significant factors, including:

  • How fast you were going if you were speeding
  • Your history of traffic violations
  • The potential court costs
  • The county you received the ticket in

Depending on these factors and others that are unique to the lawyer you hire, you could pay anywhere from $70 to $250, not including court costs and fines. It all depends on the case at hand.

Q: Can a Lawyer Help With a Traffic Ticket in North Carolina?

A: Yes, in some cases, a lawyer can help with a traffic ticket in North Carolina. When fighting a traffic ticket, you can choose to hire an attorney, pay the fine, or represent yourself. If you actively want to fight the charge and get the ticket reduced or dismissed, the smartest course of action would be to hire an attorney. An experienced traffic ticket attorney is familiar with state law regarding traffic violations and can argue on your behalf to get your desired outcome.

Q: How Do I Get a Traffic Ticket Dismissed in North Carolina?

A: The optimum way to get a traffic ticket dismissed in North Carolina is to consult an attorney and work with them to argue your case. You must understand the charges before you, and make sure you know your rights in this case. An attorney can help you prepare your defense and argue before a judge why the ticket should be dismissed. If your ticket is dismissed, that is the end of it. However, if the ticket is upheld, you may have to face additional penalties.

Q: How Much Is a Speeding Ticket in North Carolina for Going 20 Mph Over the Limit?

A: If you are caught driving 20 mph over the speed limit in Lenoir, North Carolina, you are facing a possible fine of at least $100. On top of that, the court may impose additional penalties for reckless driving, and you will receive four points on your driver’s license. You could also face potential jail time under a Class 3 misdemeanor charge, and you may have to attend defensive driving school. If you have prior convictions, you could serve 20 days in jail.

Contact a Traffic Ticket Lawyer Today

Dealing with a traffic ticket can be irritating, rage-inducing, and even scary in certain circumstances. People do not like getting pulled over, and we really do not like getting a traffic ticket. Thankfully, there are options you can take to avoid paying the ordered fine, such as challenging the ticket in court with the help of an experienced attorney.

A good attorney can stand by you every step of the way, provide honest counsel about your situation, and represent your interests when you need it the most. At Cody Law Firm, we are dedicated to providing you with everything you need to succeed in your claim. With our help, we can do what we can to make sure your ticket does not end up on your record. Contact us to schedule a consultation as soon as you can. If your ticket is fixable, we can help.

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