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In North Carolina and across the country, speeding remains one of the top reasons a driver is pulled over. Seeing flashing lights behind your car can be immensely intimidating, but a traffic citation is not an admittance of guilt. With the right Hickory traffic ticket lawyer, you could have your traffic ticket dismissed, which can keep your driving history free from violations that can lead to increased car insurance costs.

Cody Law Firm can provide legal resources and experience to fight to clear your name. Our legal team has helped thousands of clients fight for their rights following a ticket citation. If your traffic violation requires a trial to determine your innocence, our speeding violation attorney in NC can defend you in court.

What Do I Do if a Cop Gives Me a Traffic Ticket

As soon as you see that an officer is trying to pull you over, put on your emergency blinkers and find a safe area to pull over in the Hickory area. Have your driver’s license and car insurance ready. Weather permitting, roll your window down and keep your hands visible at all times. There is nothing to be gained from arguing with a law enforcement officer. Being polite and responsive can improve your chances of getting off with a warning, but there is never a guarantee.

Remember, anything you say can be used against you, even if you did not commit the traffic violation that you are accused of. For example, if the officer asks if you know why you were pulled over, do not state that you were speeding or committing another moving vehicle violation. Such statements may be used against you in court.

Remain courteous while exercising your constitutional protection against self-incrimination. Comply with all lawful requests. Signing the traffic ticket is not an admittance of guilt. If it is safe to do so, write down details of the traffic incident, such as what time and where the officer pulled you over. Any errors made by the cop could help your case.

Do not ignore the ticket in Hickory, North Carolina. An unpaid traffic ticket could lead to a court suspending your driver’s license. A judge may even issue a bench warrant for your arrest.

If you would like to contest the traffic infraction, contact an experienced Hickory traffic ticket lawyer immediately. Your attorney will formulate a strategy to have your violation reduced to a lower offense or possibly have the ticket dismissed altogether.

Can My Traffic Ticket Be Dismissed?

Hiring an experienced Hickory traffic ticket lawyer can help you resolve a traffic ticket case favorably. Seeking to have a ticket dismissed or reduced is seldom a one-size-fits-all proposition. Your Hickory lawyer will carefully evaluate the strength of the case. Traffic lawyers also analyze their client’s driving records to determine the most appropriate strategy for moving forward. Below are several possible situations in which your ticket could be reduced or dismissed.

Fixable Issues

One way that a traffic ticket can be dismissed is if the infraction is a fixable issue. This means that the driver failed to have the required documents, which could include:

  • A driver’s license
  • Vehicle registration
  • Car insurance.

Any of these citations are fixable. A driver may have forgotten to take their driver’s license during the time they were ticketed. During court, your traffic ticket lawyer can ensure that any fixable issues are resolved before seeking to have the court dismiss the ticket altogether.

Your defense attorney may be able to have your ticket dismissed as part of a plea bargain arrangement. If you have multiple tickets, the judge may dismiss some violations as part of the settlement of others. There are no guarantees that a judge will make this decision, but having a traffic ticket lawyer to represent you can be a great benefit.

Improper Equipment

An improper equipment infraction is for non-moving traffic violations. One of the more common resolutions to a moving violation is to settle for a lower charge of improper equipment. The benefit is that the lesser charge does not show up on your driving record. This means that your car insurance will not increase.

Outside of an outright dismissal of a ticket, this is usually one of the most favorable outcomes when fighting a traffic ticket. An improper equipment ticket comes with a fine. Factors that a court will consider include the ticketed driver’s driving history and the speed involved, among other potential factors.

Prayer for Judgment Continued

This resolution to a traffic ticket allows someone to plead guilty in return for a “prayer for judgment.” This means that the offense doesn’t become part of your record because the judgment is indefinitely continued. If the prayer for judgment continued is granted, you will not be ordered penalties for the original infraction.

Also known as PJC, the judgment can help a driver avoid having to pay hefty fines while maintaining their current car insurance rates. A PJC can only be granted by a judge, and they have full discretion to grant or deny your request for a PJC.

Reduced Speed Limit Violation

In some cases, your traffic ticket lawyer can have your speeding ticket reduced to nine mph or five mph over the speed limit. This can drastically reduce the potential fine that you have to pay.

No matter the nature of your traffic ticket, paying a ticket without going to court means that you plead guilty and could face a tarnished driving record and costly increases in car insurance rates. If you incur multiple traffic violations, you may be at risk of having your license suspended. A good traffic ticket lawyer can work on your behalf to have the violation lowered to exceeding a safe speed, unsafe movement, or a lesser charge.


Q: Is It Worth Fighting a Speeding Ticket in NC?

A: In many cases, hiring an experienced traffic ticket attorney can greatly improve the chances that your charges are reduced or even dropped. This can prevent your license from being suspended or your insurance rates increasing.

Our law firm can examine the facts of your case and your driving history before formulating a plan that can lead to optimal results. Paying a ticket and not showing up to court is a guarantee that your driving record will reflect the violation, meaning you have much to potentially gain by seeking experienced legal counsel.

Q: What if I Can’t Afford to Pay the Ticket?

A: Not paying a traffic ticket is never a good idea. A North Carolina judge may suspend your driver’s license or issue a bench warrant for your arrest. The fines and court costs will only go up. If you are unable to pay, appear in person to court and inform the judge of your indigent status. Depending on which county you live in, a court may offer an alternate payment plan.

Q: Does a Citation Go on Your Record in NC?

A: While a non-moving citation like a parking ticket will not appear on your driving record, several types of moving violations will. Speeding, running a red light, reckless driving, failure to yield, and a DUI will all go on your record if you do not hire a traffic ticket lawyer to defend your rights. One of our attorneys can explain which types of moving violations go on your record and how a strong legal strategy can reduce or eliminate those charges.

Q: What Happens if You Don’t Pay a Ticket by the Due Date in North Carolina?

A: If you do not pay your ticket and once 20 days pass from your court date, the court will report the failure to appear, and your license will be suspended. Even in cases where your case was resolved, failure to pay the fine within 40 days will result in a suspended license. Your license will remain revoked until you pay the fine or are able to prove that you made a good-faith attempt to pay the fine.

Q: At What Speed Do You Lose Your License in NC?

A: Under state law, any driver found driving 15 mph over the speed limit and in excess of 55 mph will have their license revoked for 30 days. Any driver cited a speeding ticket in excess of 80 mph also faces a 30-day license suspension.

A license will be revoked for 60 days if a ticket is given for reckless driving or if a driver receives two speeding charges within one year. If your license was recently suspended, the services of a Hickory traffic ticket lawyer can help you fight the charges.

Let a Hickory Traffic Ticket Lawyer Fight for Your Rights

Being found guilty of a traffic ticket can increase the chances that your license is suspended. Many moving violations can result in increases in your insurance rates. Fortunately, being issued a traffic ticket is not an admission of guilt, and fighting those charges can often lead to positive outcomes.

Our office has represented and fought for the rights of thousands of clients. If you are facing hefty traffic fines or the loss of your driving privileges, contact our Hickory traffic ticket lawyer today to set up a consultation with Cody Law Firm.

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