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Getting a speeding ticket can be stressful and difficult to navigate, especially if you have never been to court before. It can also be a source of future expenses due to the North Carolina Safe Driver Incentive Plan, which allows for the increase of insurance rates due to speeding violations. The bottom line is that hiring a Catawba County traffic ticket lawyer is important if you hope to beat your ticket in court.

In Catawba County, there are numerous ways to reduce or dismiss speeding tickets. In order to do so, you need an attorney who is familiar with traffic violation laws and can create a defense that is specific to your case. At the Cody Law Firm, PLLC, we value excellence in every case and will serve you with integrity and compassion.

With a speeding violation attorney in North Carolina by your side, you can walk into court with confidence and clarity.

What Is a Traffic Violation?

One of the most common traffic violations is speeding. In the state of North Carolina, you can technically be ticketed for going just one mile over the posted speed limit in a given area. Depending on the speed at which you exceed the posted limit, consequences could include fines, jail time, and suspension or loss of your driver’s license.

If you are found guilty of going fifteen miles per hour or more over the speed limit, you could be charged with reckless driving, meaning your penalties may be more severe. Reckless driving is a Class 2 misdemeanor and will show up as such on your record.

Driving on a suspended or outdated license can also land you a ticket. The possible penalties include a fine and three points on your driving record. In the state of North Carolina, you can also be ticketed if you are not carrying your driver’s license with you.

Do I Really Need a Lawyer for a Traffic Ticket?

While the laws surrounding traffic violations may seem simple enough, the legal process that is required for defending your innocence can be so much easier with the help of a lawyer. Rather than putting your life on hold over a ticket, allow them to tackle the judge, the prosecution, and the courtroom scene and gather the evidence. You can rest assured that someone with much more experience than you has your back.

Going to Traffic Court

Your appearance in court can affect the judge’s interpretation of you and your case. For these reasons, it is important that you dress professionally and conduct yourself in a respectable manner. You will want to share any information that has the potential to help the prosecutor see why you may deserve a reduced ticket.

Once your case has been presented, the judge will determine whether you are guilty or not, as well as whether your ticket will be reduced.

What to Expect From Your Traffic Attorney

The role of a traffic attorney is to provide you with legal advice and counsel. They can help you understand what your possible defenses are, penalties that you may face, find and gather evidence to help your case, and actions that may reduce the severity of your penalties if you are found guilty. They may also be able to help you find ways to reduce the points on your driving record or navigate potential rising insurance rates.

Because traffic lawyers have experience with specific laws relating to speeding tickets and other traffic violations, they may think of defenses or alternate solutions that you may not. For example, there are cases where offering to attend driving school can lower your fines.


Q: Can a Lawyer Help With a Speeding Ticket in NC?

A: Often, the consequences of paying a speeding ticket reach far beyond the one-time fee, including higher insurance rates and misdemeanor convictions. A lawyer in Catawba County area who has experience with traffic laws can help you navigate a course of action that is suited to you. Hiring a lawyer can increase your chances of having the case dismissed in court, which could save you time and money down the road.

Q: How Much Does a Lawyer Cost for a Speeding Ticket in NC?

A: Lawyer fees for speeding tickets are dependent upon the complexity of your case, among other things. However, the cost of hiring a lawyer could turn out to be worth it if your case gets dismissed in court. Although your initial ticket fine may not be outrageous, the cost of your increased insurance rates could be more expensive than hiring a lawyer.

Q: Can You Plead Down a Speeding Ticket in NC?

A: It is possible to receive a sentence for a reduced ticket, and if you have no prior tickets or traffic violations, your chances of doing so will be higher. In some cases, it is also possible to receive a reduced ticket in exchange for taking a driving course.

Q: How Do I Get a Judge to Dismiss a Speeding Ticket in NC?

A: Outside of hiring an experienced attorney from Catawba County, NC, there are additional steps you can take to increase your chances of having your case dismissed. One important step is to analyze the ticket and paperwork given to you by the officer because errors can be used in your defense. Others include gathering facts about the location you were stopped at and considering asking for a Prayer of Judgement.

Q: What Is a Prayer of Judgement?

A: This is a concept found within North Carolina law that is sometimes referred to as a “get out of jail free card.” The judge presiding over your case can decide whether or not to extend this policy to you once you have asked for it. However, applying for a POJ will require you to plead guilty and will not necessarily be granted.

Speeding Violation Attorney – Cody Law Firm, PLLC

At the Cody Law Firm, PLLC, we can help you by crafting a strong defense against your traffic ticket. You can be sure that we will support you and help in any way we can. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help.

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