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Being issued a traffic ticket can be unexpected and stressful. While it might be tempting to pay the fine and admit guilt, there are many situations in which a Caldwell County traffic ticket lawyer can lower the severity of your offense or find legal grounds for having the ticket dismissed altogether. An experienced speeding violation attorney in NC understands motor vehicle laws and how to protect your rights.

If you recently received a speeding ticket or another form of citation, the attorneys at Cody Law Firm bring many years of experience defending the rights of Caldwell County drivers. With the right legal strategy, you may be able to forgo hefty fines and the possibility of temporarily losing your driving privileges.

Can My Traffic Ticket Be Lowered or Dismissed?

Receiving a traffic ticket for speeding, reckless endangerment, or another moving vehicle infraction is not an admittance of guilt. Dashcam footage from the police vehicle, for example, could show that the alleged reckless driving never occurred or that there was a mitigating circumstance, such as an obstruction on the road forcing you to swerve.

If the evidence shows that the alleged traffic violation did not occur, then your Caldwell County traffic ticket lawyer can fight to see that the citation is dismissed. We have helped hundreds of clients fight traffic tickets through a number of strategic approaches. Even if your citation is not dismissed, one of our traffic ticket attorneys can work to negotiate a plea bargain agreement that affords lower fines and penalties.

What Happens if I Am Pulled Over?

How you handle being pulled over can have implications for your case in the Caldwell County area. Remember, anything you say or do could be used against you.

Law enforcement officers can and will ask questions that could lead to an admission of guilt, but you always have protections from self-incrimination. Remain polite and respectful, but do not confess to violating traffic laws. If you behave in a belligerent manner, the officer may add notes to your ticket describing your behavior that will not help your case.

As soon as reasonably feasible, take notes about the circumstances leading up to, during, and after you were pulled over. If you have corroborating evidence, such as dash cam footage, safely store that evidence and take note of any witnesses who might be able to testify on your behalf. Then, find a Caldwell County traffic ticket lawyer who has experience fighting for the rights of clients facing traffic tickets.

What Are My Legal Options for Lowering or Dismissing My Ticket?

The attorneys at Cody Law Firm are well-versed in legal remedies that can lead to a lowered traffic violation. Fixable issues refer to instances when a driver is cited for not having a driver’s license, vehicle registration, or insurance. The remedy for these citations is to prove that the driver had the required license or documents or that the driver has updated their driver’s license or acquired the requisite coverage or registration.

In some cases, an attorney can negotiate the reduction of a traffic violation to improper equipment. The lower charge does not show on your driving record. Aside from a ticket dismissal, settling for a citation of improper equipment is often one of the most optimal outcomes when fighting traffic tickets.

A traffic ticket lawyer can push for a reduced speed violation. Reducing an offense to five or nine miles over the speed limit could mean the difference between keeping your driver’s license or having your driving privileges suspended.


Q: How Do I Fight a Traffic Ticket in NC?

A: Anyone fighting a traffic ticket has the option of going pro se. ‘Pro se’ is a legal term that means a person represents themselves in court without an attorney. Defending yourself comes with challenges, though. How evidence is collected and presented matters in court, and understandably, few people feel comfortable in a courtroom environment.

Working with an experienced Caldwell County traffic ticket lawyer bolsters your defense by providing you with the vast legal resources of Cody Law Firm.

Q: How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Lawyer for a Speeding Ticket in NC?

A: Every case is unique, and your legal fees will depend on how much time and resources that staff and attorneys put into your case. The benefits of legal representation often outweigh the cost, though, because serious traffic offenses could result in hefty fines, increased car insurance premiums, and the possibility of a suspended license.

Q: Should I Pay My Speeding Ticket or Get an Attorney in  NC?

A: Arguably, the simplest option once you are pulled over in Caldwell County, NC is to pay the fine as soon as possible. In the short term, this may seem like the easiest route, but any future tickets could cause serious complications. For example, receiving two speeding tickets within one year will result in a suspended license. It is often more beneficial to fight a traffic ticket, especially a serious one, rather than pleading guilty.

Q: What Happens if You Get a Ticket in North Carolina?

A: Once you receive a ticket, you have the option of paying the ticket or fighting it. All tickets come with a court date, but you can forgo the court appearance by paying the fine. You should never ignore a ticket. Ignoring a ticket could result in penalty fines or a suspended driver’s license. In some cases, failure to appear could even result in a bench warrant being issued for your arrest.

Fight Your Citation with a Caldwell County Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Being issued a traffic citation is not an admission of guilt. If you were wrongfully issued a ticket or worry about what a serious traffic violation will do to your driving record, you can trust the legal team at Cody Law Firm to develop a strategy to fight for your rights.

Our Caldwell County firm has helped many clients lower the severity of their citations. In some cases, a judge may even dismiss your ticket. The first step toward resolving your traffic ticket is to contact our Caldwell County office today to schedule your consultation.

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